Man Power

LFS Industrial Automation committed to employ, maintain, educate and train positive attitude and skillful people. We are also committed to recognition and rewarding their good performance and quality result.

The company recognized that highly motivated workforce is part of the essential asset base. We also encourage innovation ideas and ways that will continua improve the health growth of the business.


We emphasize on continually developing our human resources through active training and skill upgrades.


Advanced electrical & instruments testing equipment and calibration facility is another valuable asset of the company. All the electrical & instruments test equipment are maintained to the industrial safety/international standard requirement.

The company strongly believed that 'Right tools & equipment for the right job' will improve efficiency, productivity and safety of the works. The company also recognized that competent & well trained personal to operate the test and calibration equipment is also a vital factor for the success.

Company Facilities

Some of our Company facilities are
» Office Space
» Calibration Lab
» Workshop Area
» Staging Area